Our company aims to provide service beyond what you expect in a timely, courteous and professional manner!


Just Get It Done Maintenance Services

  • Placement advice
  • Art hanging
  • Television hanging
  • Family photos and portraits
  • Painting hanging
  • Mirror hanging
  • Domestic and commercial situations
  • Triptych and asymmetrical designs
  • Stairwells and high void spaces
  • Galleries
  • Licenced and insured

Picture Hanging Service

We supply the fixings (screws etc.) necessary to hang your pictures, mirrors, paintings, certificates and portraits to the wall. It doesn't matter if the walls are plasterboard or brickwork. We can work at heights and over stairs. We are GREAT at problem-solving and placement recommendations.

TV Mounting Service

We can mount your new flat screen TV professionally and can recommend and supply the best type of mounting hardware to suit both your TV and the wall it is to be hung on.