We turn up and do the jobs you but off. 

Our company aims to provide service beyond what you expect in a timely, courteous and professional manner!

Just Get It Done Maintenance Services was formed in Novemeber 2006. The founders, through hearing the experience and frustration of their friends and family, discovered how difficult it is to get a tradesperson to actually turn up to an appointment, get a quotation and then get the job done after they had accepted a quote.

We also discovered that some jobs are considered too simple or so small that some tradespeople just aren’t interested. For example, a picture needs hanging or furniture needs moving around the house, one tap washer needs changing and a couple of plant pots shifted or the fly screen needs replacing. Through family experience we know what it’s like to have to little jobs that need doing that are too high or too heavy or require a special tool. We love to do these jobs – we will hang a picture, change the tap washers or build you a pergola – no job is too big, too small or inconvenient!